At Chattanooga Tent Company, we take great pride in being a top Nashville tent company, having been at this for more than 75 years.


Your Go-To Nashville Tent Company

Chattanooga Tent Company (CTC) is proud to be a top Nashville tent company serving the city and surrounding regions. CTC was founded in 1934 by brothers Joe and Garvin Nolan. Their philosophy was to prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. This continues to be the guiding principle for the three generations of Nolan family members who currently own and operate the company.

We are a family-owned and operated business, and pride ourselves on offering high-quality value to our customers. By using innovative modern technology, we provide Nashville tent awning services that are reliable and attractive. Here are some of our most notable achievements as one of the finest tent businesses serving Nashville and the Southeast.

  • 1969: Helped found the Industrial Fabrics Association International 

  • 1971: Introduced the first "frame tent" to our regional market 

  • 1971: Began using automatic stake driver in the construction process 

  • 1980: Built our first vinyl tent 

  • 1985: Began using clear span tent design 

  • 1994: Began using CAD technology for event planning 

  • 1996: Introduced the "Century style" pole tent to our regional market 

  • 2003: Purchased large commercial washing equipment for tent cleaning 

  • 2005: Introduced modular flooring systems to our regional market 

  • 2007: Purchased large commercial drying equipment for tent fabrics 

  • 2008: Added 50-meter structures to our inventory 

  • 2014: Added china, glassware, and flatware to our inventory 

  • 2017: Stillwater tent (Nautical) added to inventory 

  • 2018: Moved into our Showroom location

  • 2022: Opened CTC Nashville tent company office


1. What is an excellent tent rental business in the area?
As one of the best tentmakers in the Southeast, CTC Nashville tent company has always valued innovation and growth in order to enhance and expand our service options.

2. Where can I rent a big tent in Nashville?
CTC Nashville provides big tent rentals as well as a wide range of tents to pick from. We have the right tent for your needs. We have over eight decades of expertise in tent rentals, offering considerable knowledge and experience, expert installation teams, and hundreds of successful examples of completed projects.

3. Is CTC Nashville also useful for organizing and executing special events?
The Nashville tent company you choose can make or break your event. At Chatt Tent, we work hard to give you the best options and alleviate as much stress as possible that comes with planning an event - big or small.

4. What is working with CTC Nashville like?
CTC Nashville uses a professional planning technique that guarantees desirable results for a worry-free event. First, we'll talk with you to discover your event's objectives and demands. Then, we work with you to design your fabric structures. We take the practical demands of the facilities, safety concerns, and building codes into account. At Chatt Tent, we want to help you achieve your creative aspirations. Whether that means using the latest technology developments or being able to visualize the outcome of your project through CAD renderings and 3D event drawings, we will make sure it comes to life exactly how you pictured it.

5. Where can I get a custom tent constructed?
Tent rentals are handled by CTC Nashville, but we also have production capabilities. We're also a tent maker that specializes in large tents and creative designs. When needed, we offer contemporary, custom designs as well as fabric structures on short notice.

6. What should you do after deciding on a type of tent?
Installation is a crucial step in the building process. This is where our crews' expertise and professionalism are most visible. As seasoned tent producers, we provide complete on-the-job training for all staff members, and many of them have received training from the IFAI Tent Rental Division.

7. Where can I order a custom event tent?
For any occasion or demand, CTC Nashville can create a tent to your specifications. In addition to renting equipment for weddings, parties, and other gatherings of all kinds, CTC Nashville is also a commercial tent maker. We specialize in huge tents and innovative designs. If required, we can offer our clients contemporary custom concepts as well as fabric construction on short notice. We say yes when others say no.

8. What is the area that CTC Nashville services?
As Chattanooga Tenet and Event Solutions, CTC has been providing top-quality tent rentals and installation services to customers in the southeastern United States for decades. With the opening of their CTC Nashville tent company office, they are able to provide high-quality rentals to Nashville and its surrounding suburbs.

9. Where can I rent a party tent on a budget?
To accommodate a wide range of options for your event, CTC Nashville has a substantial tent inventory with its supporting structures. You won't be limited by inventory constraints when picking out a tent that meets your needs. We also have tents available to fit various budget ranges.

10. In addition to providing top-notch tents for your next event, does CTC Nashville offer other services?
You can have full confidence that our services will properly meet your tent needs. Do you require tables, seats, china, or other hired goods for your occasion? We can also assist with that.