Frame tents in parking lot


Frame Tent Rental in Nashville

Tents with no interior poles, like ground-level frame tents, give you a lot more space for dancing and movement. Their lack of internal supports allows for free use of area, which is perfect for weddings or other special events, leaving plenty of room for dancing, toasts, and movement.

The classic party tent type is the frame tent. Their dimensions may differ, although most frame tents fall between 10 and 40 feet in length and can go on indefinitely to suit the event's requirements. Although there are no interior poles, the frames are sturdy enough to support lightweight accessories like lights, fans, plants, and other decorations.


wedding ceremony frame tent

Frame Tent Rental Benefits at a Glance: 

  • Create an ideal footprint for your event 
  • Add more usable interior space 
  • Compatible with commercial flooring 
  • Attractive design adds aesthetic appeal 
  • Offer stability even in less than ideal weather conditions

CTC Nashville offers frame tent rental that is a great choice for many different types of events and functions. If you want to make the most out of your event space, then this option from CTC Nashville ballasts to nearly any surface while also providing the necessary square footage without any obstructions. They are perfect for terrains where staking isn't an option so that you can get both the look and function of a regular tent at any location. We have various sizing options, and we have the ability to custom-make your tent to fit the needs of your event as well! Contact our team today to get started.


Are frame tents different than pole tents?
Yes! Unlike pole tents which have center poles, frame tents allow for more under-the-top flexibility since they don't have center poles.

Can frame tents have flooring added?
Yes, many can be equipped with commercial flooring.

Without center poles, how does the tent stay up?
A frame tent consists of a fabric top that is supported by a metal framework, whereas a pole tent is formed when side and center poles are inserted into the top and the pulling system is used to tighten it.

Do frame tents come in only one size?
Not only does CTC Nashville carry a variety of sizes, but we also custom make tents!

Are frame tents weather resistant?
Yes, the tent tops and walls can be integrated into the frame to provide a more weather-resistant and temperature-controlled space.

Is the ground damaged after frame tents are placed on them?
No, these tents keep your event environmentally friendly.

Will a frame tent rental work if staking isn’t an option at my location?
Yes, frame tents can be ballasted with the use of concrete blocks to nearly any surface.

Where are frame tent rentals typically seen?
Not only are frame tents perfect for weddings, but they're also great for corporate events, private parties, trade show exhibits, graduation parties and more!