Outdoor High Peak Tent


High Peak Tent Rental in Nashville, TN

The High Peak Tent rental in Nashville, TN is a excellent choice for your next outdoor event as it can accommodate a variety of interior space designs due to its limited number of center poles. It's also built tensioned and designed to tolerate bad weather conditions. All Century tents come with guy lines that MUST be anchored securely into the ground prior to set-up. CTC Nashville offers an array of high peak tent rentals perfect for any function or celebration you may have coming up!

Spacious. Flexible. Dynamic.

guests in high peak tent at sunset

High Peak Tent Rental in Nashville, TN:

  • Offer the beauty of pole tents, but with the unhindered interior of a frame tent

  • Highly portable design offers convenience 

  • Resistant to winds because of its aerodynamic construction 

  • These customizable tents can be configured in an infinite variety of dimensions and layouts to suit each client’s taste and needs 

  • Ability to host large numbers of guests comfortably 

  • Can be set up on a variety of surfaces including pavement, cement, and grass

At CTC Nashville, we offer high peak tent rentals perfect for many types of events. These tents provide an open and spacious area ideal for decorations and lighting options. The charming effect this tent type creates is idea for hosting guests. In addition, the flexible design makes it a versatile option for all different kinds of gatherings. Contact our expert team at CTC Nashville to learn more about how a high-peak tent rental can benefit your upcoming event. We will help you assess your guest number, location, and preferences to see if this tent type makes the most sense for your purpose.


Are center poles crowded within these high peak tents?
Depending on the size of the tent you may have 1-2 center poles every 20’-30’ under the tent top.

Are high peak tents safe against adverse weather?
Yes, high peak tents are designed to withstand winds, due to their aerodynamic construction. Not only this, but they are also water-resistant; providing shelter in case the weather changes on the day of your event. However, if severe weather does occur, do not use the tent as a storm shelter. No matter how well it is made, no tent can go against nature's laws.

How are the tents weighted down?
High peak tents have guy lines and must be staked into the ground.

Are high peak tents considered pole tents?
Yes, however, they are a more modern style/look than your traditional pole tent.

Is there just one layout for high peaks?
Not at all, these customizable tents can be configured in an infinite variety of dimensions.

What are some high peak tent benefits?
The tents' portability and ability to host larger numbers of guests comfortably is key, but their modern design with peaks at the top makes them visually appealing as well.

What can high peak tent rentals be built on?
High peak pole tents can be errected on ground that allows staking.

Can high peak tents have lighting within them?
The airy feel of this tent style is perfect for decorating and accessorizing however you please.