Titans stadium clear span structure


Clear Span Tent Rental

If you’re looking for a clear span structure for your next event, CTC Nashville can help. 

Clear Span Tent Rentals at a Glance:

  • Spacious interior– no center support pole 
  • Can be built around pre-existing features, are engineered for high winds, and can be transformed to include sidewalls, interior liners, and climate control 
  • Anchored with weights or stakes, depending on the location
  • Customizable and adaptable to change to suit your specific needs 
  • Aluminum frame tents with vinyl, hard PVC, or glass walls held in place by a track system provide more space for events and gatherings. 

These 'clear span' structures have no center poles so they create large open spaces, which is perfect for special events. They are engineered to provide the maximum unobstructed interior event space and can be equipped with climate control, industrial-grade flooring, and hard walls. They can provide space not only for special occasions but also warehouse storage or any application in between.

Interior clear span tent decor


Not only are clear span tents extremely reliable, but they can also be adapted to suit your changing needs. For example, if you need easy access, additional bays can be added. To ensure efficiency, other specifications can also be tweaked. Therefore, no matter what your interior space need is, a clear span tent is a strong and safe option. Work with CTC Nashville today and create the perfect event or storage space for the task at hand. Contact our team today to get started!


What is clear span?
Clear span describes the distance between the supports that hold up a structure. It is an aluminum frame with walls made of vinyl, hard PVC, or glass. There are no center poles and it creates a wide-open space for any special event.

Why would a clear span structure be necessary?
A clear-span design is ideal for a broad area free of poles and beams.

What are clear span structures manufactured from?
The track systems keep vinyl, hard PVC, or even glass walls in place for spans with a thin cross section.

Can you alter clear span structures?
Yes! Our tents are designed to be modular, meaning that bays can be added for easy access. We also offer other specifications to make sure our product is efficient.

Is a clear-span structure different than a pole tent?
Yes! The center poles of a pole tent are missing in a clear-span structure.

Can clear span structures handle strong winds? Yes! These structures can only withstand up to 35 mph winds. We anchor them with weights or stakes that adhere to engineering standards to prevent them from shifting. Should it rain on the day of your event, have no fear! These tents are water resistant too. However, if severe weather does occur, do not use the tent as a storm shelter. No matter how well designed and installed a tent is, it cannot defy nature's laws 

What are other features of clear span structures?
They can also include sidewalls, interior liners, flooring, and climate control.

Are these structures energy efficient?
Yes! Glass walls allow natural light to enter your home, reducing your need for artificial lighting and saving you money on your electricity bill.