Outdoor wedding pole tent


Pole Tent Rental in Nashville, TN

Our pole tent rental in Nasvhille is one of our most popular tent rental alternatives for a variety of reasons. Pole tent rentals have a grace to them because they create a swooping effect. When you look up at pole tents, you won't see any metal frames; instead, there will be a white vinyl covering. 

Pole tents are most often used on grass and feature central poles with supporting stakes that are driven into the ground. These structures have the capacity to add side walls or drapes to enhance the overall attractive atmosphere.

Traditional. Versatile. Sturdy. 

aerial view of pole tent

Pole Tent Rental in Nashville at a Glance:

  • An ideal footprint without the need for extended staking 
  • Economical choice 
  • Compatibility with commercial flooring 
  • Modularity and attractive design 
  • Stability, even in less than ideal weather conditions 
  • Create more usable interior space

If you're hosting an event outdoors and on grass, then pole tent rentals are likely the best option for you. They stake into the ground for support, however this makes them difficult to set up on harder surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Pole tents also have a centerpole that provides extra support and gives the tent a nice peak at the top--making it more visually appealing and perfect for photographs.

Some customers fear that the center poles will hamper any event activities or deem the area unsightly; however, the support poles are minimalistic and still permit virtually uninterrupted viewing within the tent space. Plus, they provide another chance to get decorative by adding floral arrangements, twinkle lights, or other decorations to further enliven your event's atmosphere.

Our team at CTC Nashville offers a wide variety of high-quality pole tents for rental, perfect for any upcoming events you might have. In addition to the tent rentals, we also offer other party rental items to help make your event a success. Give us a call today – we can’t wait to work with you!


What makes pole tents one of the most popular tent rentals?
Pole tents are popular because of their economical price point, color options, and variety of sizes available.

What sets pole tents apart?
There are a couple of different characteristics of a pole tent that make them different from other style tents. The first would be the center pole. Depending on the size of the tent you may have 1-2 center poles every 20’-30’ under the tent top. Second, you would notice all of the guy ropes going from the tent top to the stakes in the ground. Any pole tent (including Nautical or High Peak) has to be staked into the ground. Pole tents use a simple tension method, with outward pressure pulling the tent poles into a standing position, to stay standing. Ropes are staked into the ground to anchor the poles in place. Center poles are set up in the middle areas of the tent, raising the canopy so it’s taut.

What environments are pole tents most often used in?
They are most commonly placed on grass with supporting stakes that are driven into the ground.

Why can’t pole tents be set up on harder surfaces?
Poles are secured by driving stakes into the ground, which makes them more difficult to erect on concrete or asphalt.

What’s the purpose of the pole in the pole tent?
The center pole provides support and also creates an aesthetically pleasing peak at the top of the tent.

Are the poles in pole tents an eyesore?
The support poles are minimal and still allow for virtually unobstructed viewing within the tent space. Moreover, the poles also serve as an added opportunity for decor.

Can pole tents use commercial flooring?
Yes, they are compatible with commercial floorings.